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What were our beginnings? What are the development challenges? Learn why Tagger makes us proud since 2013.

The beginnings of working on Tagger

Tagger has evolved from a music-oriented platform focused on recognizing rising stars before they become famous. Scalaric was built to answer Tagger's needs and rise to its challenges.

For the development we chose Scala, because we felt it suited the business use case well, which was prone to grow. Same for Angular, and after time it seems that we made the right choice.

What are we proud of?

We always strive for code quality and extensibility of our solutions over the pace of development. We are not afraid of questioning existing paradigms, and we don't usually do things the way we're told unless we ensure it's the optimal approach.

What are the challenges?

Keeping up with the growing influencer marketing industry standards is always a thing. We are never satisfied though, and we try to provide solutions to problems our clients haven't yet dreamt of.

Close collaboration with experts, constant improvements, and an open mindset are the keys to our success.

“Best Influencer Marketing Company”

“Best Influencer Marketing Platform”

Scalaric has been our trustworthy business partner for the last eight years, surpassing our quality expectations on every step.

Peter Kennedy Peter Kennedy, Founder and President at Tagger

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